Pivot point seems to be ignored on actual watch

I’m having an issue when running a watch face on my watch (Galaxy Watch Active), where the watch hand would not rotate along the pivot point that was given in the studio.

Shown below is what was captured from GWS, and what was taken from the actual watch.

As you can see, the arm does not match what the preview shows, as it’s seems to be misaligned. This issue only occurs on the watch, as the preview has no issues.

Does anybody know how to fix, or correct this? I’ll send more info if you guys need.
Thank you in advance!

It is normal that there is a difference between what is seen and tested in GWD, with what is seen in the watch, but generally not so much. Make sure that the center of your image is the shoulder of the arm, if the image is square 320x320 (drawing of the arm with transparency) the 0-0 will be where the arm begins and the same if it is rectangular 320x30 (for example 150 drew and 150 transparent), here at the middle of 320 the arm should start