Hands rotation

Hi, could you help a newbie in GWS, how to place watch hands correctly, if import it as an image? For example, when i’m trying to place it to the bottom of the wach face, it rotates in a larger radius than it should, how to center it?

I will really appriciate if somebody could give an explanation through screenshots. Some kind of a guide for dummies.

Thanks a lot for any help.

Hi @jun1606850571,

Whenever you import an image as a watch hand, the image will rotate with respect to the image’s centre as it is set as the pivot point by default. See the screenshot below where the pivot is at the centre and lower half of the watch hand image is blank. So actually the whole watch hand image rotates with respect to its pivot while in action but we only see the visible part.

However, if your watch hand image has no half blank portion then you have to move the pivot from the centre of the image to the bottom so that the whole image rotates with respect to its bottom(see the screenshot below),

Therefore, I hope you understand everything and use Outer Pivot X/Y in the Rotation Properties to move the pivot of an image.



Hi, I guess Azad explained it very well. I would just add one little hint for watch hand images. When you are drawing your own, try to make it symetrical and place the drawn pivot into the center of image (like with the transparent bottom part) to prevent later trouble with adjusting the outer pivot. Also try avoid uneven pixel sizes like 7x133. Such sizes can not be centered exactly and may seem to rotate out of center.