Watch face preview on the app looks different than when on the watch


images explain my situation pretty well help

Maybe you could describe more, what kind of elements are we looking at. Are those all static images? Are the beams supposed to move by time?

the rainbow and light beam are the hour and minute hands, the triangle is just an image

It looks like the hour and minute hands which have a center point and only have the hand is visible were replaced with half sized images or resized and the pivot points were not adjusted. You usually spot this when you run in the preview. Did you do that in GWS?

If they do run over time correctly over in GWS Run preview we’d need more information.

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the preview in GWS runs perfectly fine.
the image when selecting the watchface looks fine, but when I select it, the hands go crazy like in the second image

Just to be sure I understand correctly when you change the time in the preview window it works correctly.

Can you do a screen shot of your Hour hand settings and what image did you use for the hour and minute hands.

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yes, changing the time in the preview works as it should

The first time I tried it just moving things rotation property got changes as did the pivot points and I got the same thing that you see on your watch.
However, it works in preview for me with your settings. Well I just used a rectangle image but it worked. I didn’t try to run it on my watch as I have to charge them GW3 to try it.

Try this… delete the .tpk and build again and run on device. If it still acts up I’ll try this and see if it works. If it works with a ordinary image it may be your image is corrupted… but my guess is you just built it before making the adjustments.

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Your images size and positions are not correct.

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To avoid trouble with different inner and outer pivot points, I would prepare the images so, that the beams were pointing from the middle to top edge. Then all settings are simple and easy controlable.

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