Adding Tags not working

I am trying to set up a moon phase display to a watch face. I tried to add 8 individual images - one for each phase. I put them all in the same spot, overlapping one another. I then tried to add tags to the opacity, as the tag tutorial page says. For example, I used;
([MOON_PO]<=13.5) + ([MOON_PO]>=14.5) ? -100 : 0
On the full moon image’s opacity. However, it immediately sets it back to 100% when I click out of the field. I cannot put ANY tags in the field, it requires just a number from 0-100. It gives no errors, but ignores anything I put in besides a number.

So I thought images were the wrong way to go. I tried a complication, using the image only and icon only settings. Same problem with both. I cannot add ANY tags to the opacity. It just ignores anything not a number from 0-100.

So how am I supposed to actually add these tags?

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Do you mean you add this on color? Right?

I think your tags are okay. It worked from my end. Check the images below.

Did you try to check the output on the preview window? Please let me know if I misunderstood your issue.

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Hi @hephalumph . I am assuming you are quite New to WFS . In Your Opacity formula -100 is wrong . It must be a Positive number . Noting is set in the Tag Field untill Return is Pressed . There is a tiny number to the upper right of the Tag Box which should indicate the changes .Remember to Zero the Default number . You may wish to have it at 25 or something for Debugging .When you get it working you will see what I mean . I like the way you have started with something Challanging .