How to enter the moon phases correctly?

good morning, I’m creating a dial, I also tried to follow the guides here on the forum to insert the moon phases, trying to use either 8 images using the “moon_type” tag and creating 1 mask under 8 images, or using 28 images always using 1 single mask and using the “moon_po” tag, the problem is that the opacity does not allow it to be modified, but only under the color item, where am I wrong? thanks to anyone who can help me and have a good day everyone

Changing the opacity in color will change opacity of the masked items…

Or you can selected the “mask” layer and also change color opacity of that layer = same effect

ok, thanks for your advice, but the moon doesn’t change, testing with the calendar, only the top item remains visible, following the tutorial on how to create the dial with the moon phases instead, it’s all too cumbersome, I’m just trying to make the image change at a specific point on the dial

@_marco_1969 maybe u missing some thing.
Explain what u trying to archive, and what have u tried.

Actually you dont need a mask if u going for moon_type just create 8 images for the different moon types. Then use moon_type condition tag to make the one off the moon image appear and hide the rest

E.g moon_type = 1 on the calendar

The formule for image 1

([moon_type] == 1)?0:-100

Formula for image 2 is

[moon_type] == 2)?0:-100

And so on

If using moon_po then u got to follow the tutorial

If you did a search there is also a similar topic.

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the guides you posted are the ones where I got inspiration, but it doesn’t work for me, also because I use Google translator and it probably translates some concepts wrong

here, the formula you wrote is decidedly different from what I had read, which read like this ((([MOON_TY]) ==0 )? 100:0) and so on with opacity set to 0…now I create the 8 images, eventually I’ll test with and without the mask and use the formula you wrote…

Hi, just download the wfs provided and examine and test it out first. If it the wfs works and yours doesnt mean u doing it wrong.

What language do u speak?

((([MOON_TY]) ==0 )? 100:0)

This should work if opacity you set to 0

My formula is for opacity set at default 100

Reason is what it mean when adding a formula

X + formula

And yes probably its the language translation or misunderstanding the concepts. The tutorial works by not only changeing opacity of the whole image being mask (display or not display the moon)

Then move the moon to position u want. Then change the image of the moon via adjust the image layer relative to the mask.

The complex thing is the image is the dark image. And the mask is actually a full moon

I use Italian as my language

p.s. your advice on moon phases seems to work, (now the moon is a waning gibbous) I still have to figure out how to set the Italian in the [moon_ty_name] tag

Wonder any other Italian here? I only know some france people here.

well then let’s hope that some other Italians read the topic…

For moon_type_name dont think u can force a language to it. The language for text is taken from the phones default language settings

Only date and time is possible…

Work around maybe is to use a digital clock and edit the tag to moon_type_name instead of its orignal hours:mins:seconds, then play with the language setting that appears

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