Alpha Testing Issues

Hello, we have been trying to use the Alpha testing function in the Samsung Seller Portal.

We have a partner seller account, and the devices we are using are 2021, 2022 models.

The first issue we encountered was using the DUID - the DUID of the device would not register in the Alpha test, but the UID of the device was recognised. Is this expected?

The second issue we encountered was that after starting the Alpha test, we could not find the app on the designated TVs listed using the Unique ID of the device.

The third issue we found was that after closing the Alpha test with version 1.3.4, we found we were unable request a new release and distribute via the app service with the same version. We have had to install a new version 1.3.5 in order to submit the app for distribution. Is this expected?


I believe you will need to bring all these issues up in the Smart TV Seller Office and ask in the !:1 Q&A

They are trying to answer questions in a short time frame.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you, I have done.