Unable to add DUID of devices 2021 manufacturing year, for alpha test

Hi there
I’m trying to add 2 device quique ID of samsung TV for alpha test version and both the devices are of manufacture year 2021 but still I couldn’t add them as I have seen that alpha version is supported on the device of 2020 or after that. But still I’m facing issue.

Can you help me with this as soon as possible.
Thanks in Advance


Are these devices US devices or international?

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1 Device defiantly in Canada not sure about 2nd but as far as I know both are in Canada but none of them works.

I take it you are testing from the Seller Store not over Tizen Studio.

Check in the Smart TV Seller Office. I think in the back of my mind that they only alpha test in the US hopefully I am wrong.

The seller office should have a FAQ or an answer for it

If you don’t get a response from the office by next Tuesday (3 business days) let me know and I’ll do some digging, but they prefer to work directly with the developer.

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okay thanks for your quick response

Hi there
My devices are registered with Samsung but still cannot see alpha version on the store for that devices. Also as you mentioned alpha only supports for US so where and how can I confirm that if my device is registered for US or Canada from my side. Or can you please confirm if it works for only US TVs.

Can you please help me with this as soon as you can.

Thanks in advance.


I’ll see what I can find out.


Thanks Ron for your response.

I got no response yet.

Did you try a Seller Office Q&A 1:1 question about this. if so do you have a ticket number? If not do so because they like to know what they are dealing with as far as the App goes.

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Hey Ron

Thanks for reply. Yes I have asked to seller office and I can share ticket. on the seller store they are responding way too late. If you can help me it will be greatly appreciated as it’s urgent.


Thanks again. let me know if you need more details.


Got the answers today…

There shouldn’t be any issues relating to countries and alpha testing.

Here are the things that need to be setup for alpha testing to work:

A) Model Support: All 2021+ models, some 2020 models.

B) DUID: Ensure that the DUID is the one shown on the "Menu > Support > Contact Samsung” screen.

C) Searching for the app may not work. If the app cannot be found, use the “categories” option in the app store.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Ron
Thanks for your reply and information. It’s very useful information.