Alphatest Error


I have a question about alpha test.

I’ve tried doing alpha test on April 27 and there was nothing to be a problem.

But I couldn’t search and find the app(KEYCUTplay 0.5.2 version) registered in the Apps menu.

Even if, I designated TVs according to the procedure and registered them successfully.

The app(0.5.1 version) I uploaded is tesing right now.

Could it be a problem for doing Alpha Test?

If not, what’s the reason of alpha testing error?


I have the same problem alpha version doesn’t show up on the tv @r.liechty_SDP Do you maybe have the answer to this question?

Hi Robin,

I’ll look into this.

I know for Android Beta Testing you have to white list the mobiles that will be testing and the person downloading has to have a Samsung account or they don’t show up on the mobiles. Did you register the TVs ?


Yes I have added the DUID of the tv’s and a Samsung account which I also use on the tv

Hi Robin,

I’ve passed this on to the Smart TV Seller Store management and they asked that these questions be first submitted to the TV Seller Store 1:1 Q/A support first so they can track it. If you have done that and don’t have a reasonable response let me know. I notice that I couldn’t open the 1:1 Seller Store support so if you can’t create a ticket let me know that too.

On a positive note
Developer Support has asked the TV Seller Store customer support to start monitoring this forum. My manager will work with them to get credentials for this Forum.

Samsung Developer Relations