AM/PM text for a different Timezone?

Hi, folks,

I’m looking for a way to add a text to my WF whether is AM or PM in a NON-System timezone (for example: I’m in GMT+4, but I wish to know if in GMT+10 there is AM or PM (and then format my text to either “pm” or “am”).

How can I do that? I didn’t find such tag or function.

The updated list of tags is HERE

There is a tag is [IS_24H] and a tag [IS_AFTNOON] so you could set conditions for your text to show.

Also there is the tag [AMPM]
AM/PM String formatted with system locale AM / PM example AM

So you can Bitmap the string AM and PM to your own bitmap text.

Does that help?


@r.liechty_SDP: I know these tags, but how can I detect AM/PM in London when I’m in Japan? I.e. system timezone is Japan, but I need [IS_AFTNOON] for London?

AM/PM tag is locale time (not local time)
that is, the AM/PM is relevant to the timezone and Daylight Savings Time

However, this is only for you setting the time zone. If you want the end user to set it then you need to use the World Clock and not be able to set the am/pm characters.


“AM/PM is relevant to the timezone and Daylight Savings Time” → To which timezone exactly?

Let’s say watch has timezone of GMT (I’m in London) and it’s 8pm.
But I wish to add a TEXT, which shows me weather it’s AM or PM in Japan (UTC+9):

So in this particular case my TEXT should display AM, as in Japan there would be 5am.

Can I somehow do this? It’s fine if I can hardcode, I don’t wish to let the end-users to configure this.

Thank you

add a digital clock and set the time zone to Japan.

If you only want AM/PM then the tag would be
[AMPM] that shows AM or PM by default
but if you scroll down to text appearance you can
set the text style to tt and that will show am or pm

I think you need to run it on a watch I don’t think WFS can change the local time in the emulator.

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OMG, so easy, thank you! (I’m newbie in using WFS).