Analog hands not matching values

I’ve created a watch face that uses the analog hands as art to show the hours in the day, minutes in the hour and seconds in the minute.

The issue I’m having is that I want increase the value of the minutes to 120 instead of 60 and the hour to 48 instead of 24. Is there a way to adjust the values past the normal numbers?

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so you want to show them as an arc not a full circle. Then use TAGS instead of sync with hour/Minutes for example start the watch hand at 270 degrees and end at 90 with it rotate using this tag [HOUR_0_23] * 7.5

If I misunderstand let me know.

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You are correct and ty for the help. The change for the hours worked, but still cant figure out the minutes. I change it to minutes in the tags and it still only covers half an hour.

Hello, try [MIN_SEC]*3-90

I appreciate the response but its still stuck rotating every 30 min.

Ok, by sheer luck, I’ve managed to get them to work. Now the question is, how can I get my animation to flow smoothly? The rotation option gives me settings for how the hands move, but with angle, there, as far as i know, isnt one. Is there a way?

I am sorry, I dont see how smoothly do you imagine. The tag [MIN_SEC] updates every second and provides smooth enough movement. For second hand image to rotate smoothly, you would have to use expression like [SEC_MSEC]*3-90 . I cant prove how smooth that works, I do not have/want wearOS watch.