Hour hands

I try to add custom hour\minutes\seconds hands and its not moving according to the real time, what i miss?
for example in 15:33 PM its show 13:44, how can i fix it?

Thank you!

I could not duplicate this, but it could be a cache issue. Try restarting your computer (restart removes cache, shut down does not) and see if that makes a difference.

Samsung Developer Relations

The minute hand is not centered correctly on the image. You can see it in the picture. Maybe that’s why times don’t coincide.

On the screenshot you can see that you have inserted the hour hand at 10 o’clock and the minute hand at 2 o’clock. In order for the hands to show the correct time, both must be inserted (rotated) so that they are at 12 o’clock. Then they should show the correct time.

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Great thank you very much!

Based on your screenshot your image is not in correct size, try resetting the watch hand image to 12 o’clock in a 450x 450 dimension then save image with the current dimension.

HI Mario is it important that assets should be in 450x450 size size e.g the hands or the backgrounds because I’m having an issue that watchface installs fine to the watch but never shows instead I get a blinking stock emergency digital clock.

I have a doubt that my transfered clock is constantly crashing due to incorrect layer order
Can you please guide which layer should be first and which last

I am building up like background and then the index outer inner and then complications and on the top most layer is watch hands

Maybe incorrect size bigger and not 450 of few layers is creating issues my some layers are 512 and some are little lower not all of them are 450x450.

I wasn’t having problems before I tried mixed sizes.


Hi @Osman. Your layers arrangement seems correct. As you mentioned, its a transferred clock, you mean imported? Importing a gws file is a no no for me. You might have issues along the process. What I did is, if you still have the 360x360px mockup of your watch faces, just rescale it to 450x450px(Ctrl+Alt+I in PS) then resave it for Wear OS mockup. From there you chop chop everything. In the case of watch hands, I have to remake it to make it perfectly crisp and upload it as Analog Hands component. I also have to produce new sets of bitmap fonts. I think there is no problem in mixed sizes or dimension of images as long as it’s within 450x450px dimension. I hope I answered your watch face issue.

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Thanks i will try that :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks bro

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