Make an minutes hand only move once every 10 minutes?

So I want to make an analog watch face with a dial for the minutes, but split into 2 separate dials. One dial for the first digit, one dial for the second. The first dial would have numbers 1-9, the second 1-5. So for 45 minutes past the hour, the first dial (from the inside out) would read “5”, and the second dial would read “4”. How would I use the built in rotation tools to do this? I see how to accomplish this with separate images and tags, but that seems over complicated.

Thanks for any help!

In this case, you can use a little trick.

For example, to keep showing the number 1 for 10 minutes, show the number 1 10 times.

Create number 1 10 times and number 2 10 times on the number spinner…

This will make it look like the number 1 is visible for 10 minutes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message.

hi, if you mean something with two hands jumping to the numbers like this,

you would uncheck the mark at “apply rotation properties” first
(you can skip this if you added the hands as image element)

then add expression into rotation field for last place

for tenths

If you would want the hands moving smooth between the numbers, then just remove the floor function from tenths expression and add +[SEC]*0.6 to the last digit expression

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Great, that helps, thank you