Analog - Shows wrong time when run on device

Ive choose Sv-SE as its my country in the build setting but no matter how i try i cant get it to go with the real time, only the digital works… i made on Analog the other day and it was perfect for starters but know its 10min ahead of its time… when i made a new watchface today and started to run it on my galaxy watch 4, it showcased the time 30min backwards in time… anyone who knows about this??

That is very strange indeed. I believe you set Sv-SE as a localized label for your country it should not have any affect on the time only what is listed in the watch on long press and the Wearable App when in Sweden.

The digital watch will be set to localized language when you select that as the language that is the only translations WFS does.

If you want the analog (or digital) clocks to be on a different time you would set the time zone in that dialog for hour and minute hands.

So all I can think is that you are trying to add a smaller dial clock for your time and the rotation pivot points or something are not correct.

Can you upload a simple project or image of the settings for your hands

Samsung Developer Relations