The timing on a digital watch is different from that of an analog watch. How are they integrated?

i create digital clock and analog in one face but the time is a difference between them

Did you face this problem on your watch or on watch face studio?
have you changed the time zone for analog and digital time?

no …the problem in my watch…i set the time zone of analog and digital sync with device.the digital time is ok but analog time not.for example . the real time is 3:30 but in analog is 12:45

I have tried a similar design on my watch. It’s working perfectly.
I am sharing with you what I have done.

  1. Create a project
  2. Add an index
  3. Add analog hands for hour, minutes and seconds
  4. Finally add the digital clock
  5. Deploy the project on my watch

The digital and analog time is same.

You can try this, if you still facing the issue you can share your .wfs file or any video.
I hope this will help you.

**Thank you, it’s done. But I hope that you will find a solution to the problem of the numbers. Some of them appear in Arabic and some are in English when the language of the watch is Arabic. I follow the only solution, which is to set the language of the watch in English.