Hidden Buttons On Top of Animation?

I have an animation in full 360 pixels, which means the whole watch face is cycling through 29 different PNG images. I am now wondering how I can effect some hidden buttons to make DigitalTime appear and disappear on top of the animation sequence? Or other features such as the Text for the battery level?

hello if you don’t use the animation as a button, what you can do is put it in the lower part so that it does not intervene with the buttons

Yes, thanks. The animation sequence will be the lowest part of the watch. But how do I then add a hidden button on top of the animation so that the digital time can appear and disappear on top of the animation sequence? A hidden button is transparent, and can then swap an image. . . Ah, ha! the image to appear would then be the bitmapped hour value based on the tag expression? Thanks!

On second thought, a swapped image of an hour would work, but how would I then also show the minutes and seconds, when I only have one image to swap at a time? Is there a way to leverage the Digital Time within an image swap?

really what do you want to do?
Do you want to hide the digital time (hh: mm: ss) or part of it with a double tap?

Yes, I want the full digital time (hh:mm:ss) to be hidden, but on top of a full-screen animation, and showing/hiding with a double-tap. Guessing it can’t be done in GWS?

unfortunately it can’t be done, because the animation is 360x360