Are there known issues/bugs about animation?

I did several testing with animation - all run out of sync on the watch, while perfectly in sync in GWS prewiev. :astonished:

I rendered 900 small images in after effect showing a timecode, starting from 00:00 to 59:14 (15 frames/ images per second = 900 images)

First (big) problem: at Animation view in GWS it shows only 828 images - of the 900 - why?? wherre are the others?? And while the animation (the counter from 0-59) is perfectly in sync with the seconds of the watch in GWS, it is completely out of sync on the real watch. Each time you change the watchface or go to settings etc an come back to the animation watchface the animation is in an other way out of sync to the time. while in the preview-watch of GWS all works flawlessly.

I had so many ideas using animations, but they have to stay in sync, at least with a one minute loop - but unfortunately they dont, and i did a real lot of testing. Especially when you hide an show layers with animations…that never stay in sync over the time…maybe that watch isnt made for that kind of “funstuff” or the cpu is too slow to handle that amount of images - or i did something wrong.

Hi @CryoWatchmaker,

I would suggest you to create a support ticket on Samsung Developer Support. Try to reproduce the issue with a sample minimalistic project which duplicates the exact issue and attach the gwd file with the support ticket. Also, describe the reproduction steps if required.

I hope they could help you better in this regard.


Hi @Azad, thank you for that advice! I will do that as you described.

At the moment i figured out a workaround with formulas. i learned that an object can be moved and/or hidden by formulas/tag expressions. :star_struck: :star_struck: Some of my “animation problems” are solved this way. :ok_hand: :+1:

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Glad you have found out a workaround. Have a great time with designing amazing watch faces.


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