Animated transition

Goodmorning everyone.
I would like to create an animation dial.
tapping on the screen starts an animation that transforms quadrant A into quadrant B, logically by tapping again, starts an animation in reverse that transforms B into A
Somehow it is possible, I am attaching the link of a watch face downloaded from the Galaxy Store as an example.

Another question,
I would like to tap on the screen and all the hands must rotate and position themselves at 12 o’clock.
thanks for the help you want to give me.

Hello, what you describe is not possible with available versions of GWD/GWS. The example was most probably made using tizen studio or some third party aplication

Thank you very much Peter.:blush:

You probably need to let the animation run in the background, and create a tap to change of a similar image with a transparent image added in the properties(tap to change image) to reveal the animation

Right, I thought about it, but it’s not what I want to do, as you can see in the link, the animation is not a quadrant that is shown but a passage from one quadrant to another.
I have a sports dial, the animation shows this sports dial which breaks down and recomposes itself into a classic dial.
when I wish, an animation (inverse) starts which does the opposite, the sports one reappears.

The only possible way would be to have the some kind of tag expression for the step speed .
So when the user speed reaches a certain pace then the dial changes to sports dial and vice versa