Animation Lags on Watch getting refunds

Made a couple of animated watchfaces look great in WFS but when played on watch a lot of lag and stuttering its not smooth will this get improved with future versions or is this a hardware issue ?

Just for the record I made plenty on Tizen no issues at all smooth as silk does not seem to matter what size or framerate just dont play smooth like tizen devices.

I hope others have input on this.

Have you updated to WFS 1.0.12 yet, that is supposed to improve animation. However there is at least one report in the system where the user said he did not see any improvement.

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There is definitely slight stuttering in animations, as well as in the “sweep” option for the seconds hand.
Lag was more pronounced in the first WFS version, which got slightly improved with version 1.0.3 I believe, but it’s still not great.
Stuttering is not very noticeable in dynamic animations with many moving elements, but it really stands out when the animation is supposed to move predictably and smoothly, same with the “sweeping” seconds hand.

I’ve already reported this (primarily sweeping hand issue) and sent video example with side-by-side comparison of the same watch face on GW3 and GW4.
Hopefully this will be improved with future updates to the WFS.

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I have tried a simple animation on wfs 1.0.12

I first resized it to 450x450. It has 45 frames

Its working fine for me when i transfer it to watch with the run operation. I have not yet built it and uploaded on playstore.

does animation lag for you during debugging test on watch as well because on watch4classic its working fine for me

Before i updated to 1.0.11 and then 1.0.12 there was a lag in animation.

Yes im using latest version its not smooth like tizen especially bad with a 450/450 animation happy to share video examples if required.

I recently applied animation, but it’s not smooth. Can it be improved through WFS version up in the future?

If you haven’t done so already, Please create a support request and upload a simple WFS Project with an animation that duplicates this.

That would be very useful to help us improve animation.

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I don’t know if this helps, for me the animations will become choppy if i try to scale them within the WFS. If i have them at the correct size before i import them usually i will get no problems also importing multiple of over layering animations will make them choppy as well.

GWS had/has issues with the animations as well, especially when weather complications were used if i wanted to make animated weather elements, after 5-6 different animations GWS would start to freeze.

I have been experimenting today and found the issue its when I render from after effects higher then 15 fps and include more then two animations.

One animation of say 100 frames 450x450 15 FPS works perfect.

If you start to add more overlays of animation which I do have its a problem, it cant seem to handle multiple im finding.

Im happy with lowering the FPS and just making it one animation seems to have done the trick for now.

Hi Ron,

FYI, I’ve also encountered jerky animations in faces built with WFS V1.0.12. I’ve raised support request #37575 with a test case attached.



Thanks I’ll see what the team says, I am copied on the report.


The animation issues were improved a lot in 1.0.3, but
It’s still choppy compared to GWD.
Same for version 1.0.12
Version 1.0.12 is deprecated due to needle sticking issues.
The animation stuttering issue really needs improvement :frowning:

I believe that there is primarily a hardware problem here. The Galaxy Watch 4 may have a better processor, but unfortunately it does not compensate for the resource-guzzling Wear OS operating system. You notice this when you restart the clock. It sometimes takes several minutes until all functions are active. The complete software is lagging. Animations, unlike Tizen, are a disaster. Yes, things have improved a bit since the last WFS updates, but it still doesn’t look nice. Such an expensive watch shouldn’t have jerky hands, for example.

I’ve not seen several minutes but I do see a lag when it loads, but I doubt any of the watch faces I make are as complicated as the ones you do. :slight_smile: I think also it comes with way to many preloaded watch faces and that has to eat up memory.

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