Animation lags and stutters

In version wfs 1.2.5 and wfs 1.2.6,
animated watchface stuttrers and dosen’t work well…
It even affect other hands…

Why is it suddenly heavy?
It worked very well until wfs 1.1.14.


Are you sure you are using WFS 1.2.6 there was a frame count error in 1.2.5 that was fixed.

There was a bug prior to 1.1.4 where animation stuttered and lagged and that was fixed which in WFS 1.1.4 that seems to be just the opposite of what you are seeing.

Are you using a lot of styles. I know that is affecting some watch face designs but not sure if it affects animation.

If nothing helps please create a tech support request and give an example watch face with animation that duplicates this.

Samsung Developer Relations

A new release of Watch Face Studio 1.2.7 fixes the animation lags.

Samsung Developer Relations

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