Any ideas on where to park privacy policies?

Hey all,

I am having an issue regarding my privacy policies. I suspect it has something to do with putting my privacy policies on my Google Drive. Only now after a couple of months after being in production has Google passive- aggressively told me to update my privacy policies on all my watch faces or face possible deletion. I am not trying to be sneaky or whatever, I just don’t have time to build my website at this time. Of course, once I get up and running, a website is probably a necessary tool but now I am just looking for a place to park my privacy policies that would adhere to Google. What do you guys do?

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Mine is a basic web file on github pages

Website is probably the best choice, but it does take time.

Until then you can create and publish a simple site using Google Sites. It’s free and there’s a decent selection of templates to choose from, pretty much all you need for a simple privacy policy site.

That’s what I used for almost a year, until my website was finally complete.

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It looks like you deleted your privacy policies file on Google Drive and it caused users can not access your privacy policies page anymore. The simple solution is just copy paste your old text privacy policies in Google Sites and then update all your watch faces privacy policies url with new url from Google Sites.

But I didn’t? Hmmm something is a foot here I think. Google has done that…the privacy policies are still there and in the very same place I put them on my Google Drive.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

I noticed that Google Policy Guide did change recommendation from Google Drive to Google Sites.

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