Privacy Policy when listing on Play Store

If you build a watch face with WFS and use a short text complication and a small image complication, would this be sufficient as a privacy policy on the Play Store?

We do not store, collect, use or share any of your personal data.
For more information or questions about this Privacy Policy, please write to “your email address”.

Also in the Data Safety section on the Play Store product listing, is it accurate that:

"“No data shared with third parties”
The developer says the app doesn’t share user data with other companies or organizations.

“No data collected”
The developer says this app doesn’t collect user data.

Any help is very appreciated.

You could create a small privacy policy using the it’s free, it’s fast, simple and it’s almost always online.

Sorry i misread what you were asking, i thought you wanted to make it online.

It should be sufficient i believe with the description you gave.

See this Play Store Guide
I created a very simple pdf that basically answers the three question you thought. We do not store, collect, use or share any of your personal data. The guide will tell you everything that needs to be included. Then you publish that on your web site or a shared site like Google Drive. And include the URL on your submission form when you upload to play store.

Don’t worry about complications or anything if they share information it is for that app to ask or inform of any sharing not the watch face app.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you, I don’t think I saw the PDF. I saw the link to the Google page’s privacy policy guidance. Was the PDF a different document?

No I just made it up in Word and saved as PDF but you can do a read only Google docs page.

I did look at one of those online privacy policy tools. Total waste of my time, they either said Free or I felt they were fishing to get private information or put me on a mailing list. Way beyond the needs of a watch face seller.

Just 3 questions you have to answer and post it online. Put the URL when you upload your app.

A security policy slip can be written here. And it costs nothing.

Thank you, I feel confident now about creating a policy.