Any plans for a third-party NPU SDK or NNAPI support?


I’ve found the Neural SDK page but it now has a note saying after a policy change it is no longer available to third-party developers:

We’re working on a smartphone-powered Mixed Reality headset and for real-time hand tracking using the NPU is really required (for XR applications both CPU and GPU are already in high demand). AI acceleration is a big differentiator between the Qualcomm and Exynos variants of Galaxy devices and we’d really like to support both to avoid user confusion about device support.

I’ve done some investigation into NNAPI support on different devices, using the “device discovery” APIs here: Neural Networks API  |  Android NDK  |  Android Developers

Interestingly some of the Exynos chips do expose a type 4 device (ANEURALNETWORKS_DEVICE_ACCELERATOR - dedicated accelerator) with the name Eden-Drv.

eg the S21 5G (also seen on A53 5G, different exynos chip)

The Snapdragon-based S22 also has the Qualcomm accelerator available:

However it’s the Exynos S22 that only has the CPU fallback:

So the real question is can we hope an NNAPI accelerator driver for the NPU in the S22 will be added in some future software update?

As your query is more related to a device specific question, I would suggest you to contact Samsung Customer Support at