AOD time & app ID list


I’m looking for a list of app ID’s for the following:

sleep data

Also, setting the display time-on to 30 sec in the settings of the watch only influences the display’s screen when one interacts with the watch. I know that one can set this within the watchface itself (default seems to be 5 secs, my last watchface had 7 secs). Where in WFS can I set this? The following manual doesn’t help:

Hi Bonobono,

You are sending mixed messages You are asking about Tizen platform but you are mentioning Watch Face Studio which is for Wear OS Platform watches.

Regarding time out, you can’t change that in any application that is a user setting. In Galaxy Watch4 Developer Options settings you can have it to not time out when on charger there probably is one in Tizen watches too. I can’t recall itbut I can look it up.

Do you want the app IDs for Galaxy Watch4 Wear OS platform or for Galaxy Watch3 and older? They are totally different answers

For Wear OS Powered by Samsung see this topic about getting app IDs using adb and search the WFS forum as there was one person that posted almost every one already.

Search the forum for App ID in the Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen forum there is are a couple that could be of help to you on that. There was one that used Tizen Studio’s Device Manager but I can’t find that and it may have been in the previous community.

Let me know which you are suing WFS or GWS Tizen or Wear OS

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I’m currently using GW Active 2.

I tried running adb, but am encountering problems with connectivity. Here’s my cmd output:

C:\Users\me\Downloads\platform-tools_r32.0.0-windows\platform-tools>adb connect
already connected to

C:\Users\me\Downloads\platform-tools_r32.0.0-windows\platform-tools>adb shell pm list packages
adb.exe: device offline

When trying to run only adb shell I get the same device offline error. However, doesn’t even list such a command.

What gives? I have the latest platform tools and drivers.

You are using the wrong tool. adb is Android Device Bridge that is for Android devices not Tizen platform like Active2 watches. Tizen uses SDB Smart Device Bridge I don’t know if you

List app Ids of installed applications on device | Tizen Developers it is for a web app running on the watch.

I also believe if you download Tizen Studio and connect you can get a list someway.

But forget about Watch Face Studio and adb or Wear OS if you have an Active2 as none of that applies.


Hi Ron,

So I DL’d the Tizen package and now I have an issue trying to connect via command line:

C:\tizen-studio\tools>sdb connect*here comes the port, I tried two: 55555/26101*
error: failed to connect to remote target ''

Ports wouldn’t matter, I think. The IP address is correct, debugging is on on the watch, I have the newest package – Tizen Studio 4.5.1 with CLI(command line interface) installer.

What do you think?

At some point you need to OK an RSA Encryption Key on your watch did you ever get that? It won’t connect unless you have accepted the key.

When I tried it from Tizen Studio I had a problem so I’ll revisit that and make sure it can connect for me and there isn’t an issue in the latest update.

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HI Bonobono,

How are you doing on this, are you still unable to connect You may not be able to run on device but you should see it and connect in Device Manager.

I can look for some more research on the app IDs but I know that you can’t get the Sleep Data or Training or any Samsung Health Data. For Weather you need a 3rd party Weather API like ****that only leaves Music and Timer and you can get those app IDs from the store

Open Galaxy Store App on your phone
upper right hand corner tap on 3 dots (note if you have updates you will see a number over the dots)
tap on My Page
tap on All
find the app you want to open and tap on it
tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner
select Share
send it to yourself in email
it will often send the appID

That is old and the share may be different but you should be able figure it out if not I’ll do it for you.

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