API level 33 requirement

I’m getting a notification that says “App must target Android 13 (API level 33) or higher. Fix by Aug 31”

I know 1.4.20 is supporting level 33 but we can not use it unless the memory budget issue is fixed. If I understand correctly, If we do not update our application to level 33 before Aug 31 we won’t be able to release any app updates after Aug 31.

Please give me some suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Thank you.

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And about it?
I’m using WFS 1.4.20
Is it ok? Or do we need to wait for something? Like, new version of WFS or what?

Hi Ayla,
The guide says
Caution: All apps must target a version between Android 11 (API level 30) and Android 13 (API level 33), inclusive. As of August 31, 2023, apps targeting below Android 11 (API Level 30) aren’t discoverable on the Play Store on devices running Wear OS versions higher than your app’s target API level.

WFS 1.3.13 will generate binaries that are API 30 and meet that requirement- Unless they are set for API 28 only.

WFS 1.4.20 will generate binaries that are API 33 (Wear 4)

You should know that Samsung Galaxy Watch6 currently is API 33 and GW4 and GW5 will be updated to Wear4

Someone with better knowledge of Googles Play Store submission can correct me if I am in error.

Samsung Developer Relations

The warning message you see on the Play Console refers to the companion app and not the watch face…

If you read the warning more carefully, you will realize that they refer to the app bundle of your companion app.

Change the target level on your Companion App to 33

Please, let’s not create any more alarmism here as we are already full of issues to solve…

“Memory budget” is the first on the list.


Besides Matteo_Dini’s response above, note that there is a message from Ron @ SDP asking Dev’s to bepatient while WFS Team resolves the ‘Memory Budget’ issue with Google.

Many thanks for your answer and sorry for the new problem. I wanted to ask the forum before I try many needless things. Maybe someone knows the solution. I especially check the version before writing here, it was referring to the WearOS factor. I submitted an updated version with 1.3.13 but the warning is still there. Is there anyone getting the same notification?

“WFS 1.3.13 will generate binaries that are API 30 and meet that requirement- Unless they are set for API 28 only.”

How to set api level on WFS? maybe I made the wrong setting.


That message refers to the Companion App.

If you read the detail of the notice, you will find a link that says “click here to see the affected bundles”.

After you send the companion app update (with target 33), that message will automatically disappear after 3/4 days.

Watch Faces created with WFS 1.3.13 are not affected by this problem because the target is set to 30.

In summary, for “apps” the target must be set to 33 no later than August 31st but you can optionally request a extension of the time requested until 1 November .

For Wear OS the target can be set between 30 and 33 (WFS 1.3.13 and/or WFS 1.4.x).

Thank you so much. I will also try to update the Companion App today.