Play Store Compatibility

Hello, on physical device I have message Your device isn’t compatible with this version, only on Android app in Play Store, web and watch works fine.

Also when I tested it on emulator Android API 31 and API 33, Wear OS API 30 and API 33, it was working fine as intended, only on my Galaxy Note 10+ it doesn’t work. I can’t test it on different devices and Samsung Remote Test Lab doesn’t allow to log in to Play store.

I have seen some older posts and it doesn’t look like new problem, but solution was to wait 2-3 days and it will disappear, or make companion app. It is much more than 2-3 days, possibly it never been working and it didn’t disappear. Companion app solution I don’t like because it is misleading, it looks like you can install watch face on your phone as well.

I also tried to contact Google developer support, but answer was this:

I’ve noticed that your app still targets API level 30, thus, the error occurs in the Play Store. Please be informed that starting August 31, 2023:

  • New apps must target Android 13 (API level 33) or higher; except for Wear OS apps, which must target Android 11 (API level 30) or up to Android 13 (API level 33).
  • Existing apps must target API level 31 or above to remain available to users on devices running Android OS higher than your app’s target API level. Apps that target API level 30 or below (target API level 29 or below for Wear OS), will only be available on devices running Android OS same or lower than your apps’ target API level.

As a workaround, you must:

  1. Update your app to target Android 12 (API level 31) or higher.
  2. Publish a new version of your app to production. Before you do this, you can test your app using internal, closed, or open testing.

Kindly visit this help center to know more about target API level requirements for Google Play apps.

But my API level is 30 and for Wear OS is required 30.
In manifest is:

Thank you for any advice.