App chooser?

Is this feature missing in Watch Face Studio ?
Can only find some basic apps to add for tapping, or input custom ID.

Long Text Complication
Default provider App Shortcuts
is basically the same as App Chooser for Galaxy Watch Studio.

double tap is reserved by Wear OS for closing active watch face so you need to use the complication.
If you do use it be sure you have a separate text description of some sort or it appears blank on the watch for the end user.

Samsung Developer Relations

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You can use the “Small image” complication for customizable app shortcuts. They’ll be customizable through the “Customize” menu, no more double-taps.
Just make sure to select its default provider to app shortcut. This image will change to an icon of the selected app, but if you want it to be blank you can set the opacity of the image to 0, or just hide the image layer in WFS.