App switcher function

How can I use the app switcher function in WFS?

There is no app switcher function because there is no Double Tap action. The development team is aware of this request. For now you need to create an Action ->Tap → Open App → Custom → App ID

Samsung Developer Relation

I guess this guide needs to be improved.
Maybe I just have higher hope than understanding, but to me it seems like the small image complication is actually some kind of substitute for the app switcher.

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WOW, I hope it is, I haven’t got a watch to try it on. Maybe someone can do that and let us know.
I’ll see if I can get an answer from the WFS development team


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Thanks for sending this request. I haven’t seen any app ids elsewhere for preinstalled apps in the gw4. So probably if we have information regarding these IDs that would help a lot.


Yes it is. It is actually a complication that can connect to app shortcuts or favorite contact or any other data provider. You can custom it on customize menu.

check this out :

Thanks for the info. IG link is not working. I still don’t have the watch. @usadesignwatchface is this similar to @Matteo_Dini IG post? Login • Instagram

That was a good hint. Thank you so much!!

Try this link : Login • Instagram
It is different, MD use “short text” complication. I also use that on the videos… check it out…


Tip: If you don’t want the icon image, set the transparency to zero. It will basically work the same way as on Tizen.

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This is a great feature. It looks like it only works on the watch itself because it would need to assemble the app list it shows you from the apps that are already on the watch. This is one that people will need the watch before they’re actually able to test it out. Does it work with a fixed app as well? I would expect if you choose “fixed”, it would offer a field where you can enter an appID, but there’s nothing like that.

I found the appIDs from my GW4. Text file attached. Hope it is downloadable.

GW4 AppIDs.txt (7.6 KB)

Unfortunately, I did not write down the steps to access the appIDs and am struggling to recreate the process. Maybe someone else can chime in. It involves running adb from a cmd prompt, then a command like “pkginfo”. After that, I’m lost

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Fixed - you only choose the information thats provided on the WFS menu. Because the watch face is designed to be running not only on the Samsung watch, only general information that’s available. It is acting as complication text feeder (and icon) which already standardized on Wear OS.

Thats great tips, anyway do you already found which app that can feed “photo image” complication. It would be great if it can be feeded from gallery or from wearable app.

The fact that it’s able to run on other brands of watches is what limits designers to offer what long time Samsung customers are used to seeing on their faces. I know this allows the watch to run a huge amount of apps, but at the same time, it seems to have gotten more difficult (or at least different) to provide the basic features customers are used to. It makes for a good case to have a lot of user defined app information areas. But of course you need to have the watch to see if things like this work. Personally, I won’t release any face in the store unless I’m able to verify the look and feel myself. Anyway, good discussion. Should be interesting…

Peter was correct (as usual)

’App shortcut’ default provider is provided by 2 types of complication TYPE_SMALL_IMAGE, TYPE_LONG_TEXT.

This allow user to pick the app shortcut in Watch device.

Other default providers are shown in the watch face with the value specified by the designer, but unlike other providers, ‘App shortcut’ default provider requires that the user set which of the app shortcuts to use in watch device,


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That’s very cool. Was it done with WFS complications or Android Studio? I’ve tried it with Short, Long Text and Photo Image complications without success. Thanks.

NVM, just figured it out. Changing BG and hands has nothing to do with complications, haha. It’s in Add Component’s Style. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know about the cool feature until I watched your IG vid.

Just put in a feature request related to app shortcut complication.

Awesome find. :slight_smile: Thank you for the effort!

I believe steps counter app id or shortcut is part of Samsung Health under Tizen OS along with calorie counter and moved distance. In my opinion, shortcut to Samsung Health is essential where you can see all your progress. I’m positive that they will add this in the future updates of WFS. I’ll try listing this to requests if not yet added. Thanks again @Mo_Wanchuk !