Bluetooth and Location app id

Hello, I want to add shortcuts to the watch face using location and bluetooth images. For this, I tried to do it using the app id with the one-click method, but after transferring the watch face to the watch, it does not do anything even though I click on the location and bluetooth images.
App ids I use:
I would be very grateful if anyone can help with this.


Did you try using App Shortcut as a default provider for a complication. The way that works it lets you select the app the first time it is tapped an from then on it remembers the app you selected.

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Ron, first of all thanks for your reply. But I couldn’t understand exactly what it meant. If the default shortcuts you mentioned are those in Samsung Watchface Studio, they do not have Bluetooth and Location, as you know. Could you please explain a little more clearly. Thank you.

this is my bad, just mixing some GWS with WFS and they are called different

For a Complication you can set a default Provider and one is App Shortcut
default provider

Then the end user select the app that is to be opened by tapping on it the first time and selecting the app.

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