App doesn't run on a emulator


I have an issue when trying to run and debug an app on an Emulator. This is the output message:

Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder ‘Tizen Web Builder’ on project ‘tizeApp’.

Could anybody help me?

Generally the Java Language Null Pointer Exception is when the builder expects a resource but it isn’t there. You may be missing a library but that is just a guess.

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Thanks, @r.liechty_SDP,

I’m not sure what going on but I have installed Tizen Studio with the extensions for Samsung Tv devices besides I had installed the JDK 1.8. Do you know if I need another specific library?

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You don’t have something called TizenApp and mistyped as TizeApp somewhere?

I wish I could help but I don’t do Smart TV so basically all I know is what I’ve seen from Smart TV Developers here and using Tizen Studio for Watch Apps. Just to be correct the Emulator does open and creates the TV, that is not the issue the issue is when you push it to the emulator.

I suggest you start with a simple example smartTV project and see if that works


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Thanks @r.liechty_SDP
I tried with a new project and works, but the project that I need to run doesn’t work. The only way that I found to run that is on a simulator but now I have another issue, I need to reproduce media content videos but I can’t reproduce videos on a simulator.

Do you know a way to test my app on a simulator or emulator to reproduce video content?


All I can think of is the apps that game users have that captures their video.

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