Unable to run my App In Emulators and Real TV

I am Unable to run my App In Emulators and Real TV but in stimulator it is working perfectly fine.I have created Certificate also.

Did you create a Tizen Developer Certificate or a Samsung Developer Certificate. To run on a Samsung TV you need the Samsung Developer Certificate.

Samsung Developer Relations

I tried creating Samsung developer certificate but During Login to samsung account redirection Browser is not opening.So i created Tizen certificate successfully.Attached the SS below.

After Please signin to your Samsung Account ,I am getting like this.I have alredy created an Samsung account in their website.

There have been a couple reports of problems trying to connect to create Developer’s Certificate that usually go away after a few days. But there are a couple things that don’t seem to work.

If you are on Windows 7 you need the 64bit IE installed. It has a DLL that is required for connecting to the store.
Do not have FireFox as the default browser. Chrome or IE and Edge should work.
Check Firewall settings since it passes data to your computer that can sometimes block it. (I doubt this is your issue because you could get Tizen Certificate)

It probably is the connection problems that has been pretty frequent for other users.

Samsung Developer Relations

With Tizen certificate it is running on emulator for now.
But That Signin to samsung account issue remains as it is.

An issue came up earlier this year involving accounts when they unified all Samsung Accounts I am wondering if this is your issue.

Can you sign into your Samsung Account or the TV Seller Portal to report this issue. If not can you sign into Samsung Developer Program and create a report there.

If you can’t sign into any of those I’ll try to be an intermediary for you.

Samsung Developer Relations

ok I will do that @r.liechty_SDP