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Excuse me, I’m developing an app for Tizen Samsung Smart TV, but it takes too much time to build, refresh, and launch to TV to test the UI design or functionability (on 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 models) , Is there any browser, or tool, or emulator for testing on the most protlematic TV (2017) directly on my computer (I’m developing on windows)?
Thanks for any help.


This is not my area of knowledge and maybe I’m misunderstanding. You should be able to run these on the TV Emulator that is available with Tizen Studio . Do you have the Extension installed and allowing it in the package manger settings.

Samsung Developer Relations

There are two available options. Either Emulator and Simulator. The difference of the two, not entirely sure yet.
I THINK the emulator is a virtual machine of tizen while the simulator is a chrome window with a skin.
I would recommend the simulator: TV Simulator | Samsung Developers

There are also tools made by Samsung available like WITs & their vscode extension. I cant recommend this tho. Some of the js libraries Samsung made seems to have stopped development, i dont have any kind of confirmation on this but only the commits on the open source repo’s. It seems like the vscode extension is still getting updated.
This is a deep rabbit hole, took me a week to get working on Linux.

VSCode extension: GitHub - Samsung/vscode-extension-tizentv
(The extension uses WITs)
WITs: GitHub - Samsung/Wits: Wits for Your Tizen web application development.It will saved your development times and bring pleasure of developing out. Using Wits, You can instantly RELOAD your app's JavaScript/CSS code instead of reinstalling your app every time you make a change.

I tried but I think HAXM (necessary for running the emulator) is only available for Intel processors (I’m using Ryzen 7 4800H)