App id in Galaxy watch studio

Hello, I can’t figure out how to make the color change on the digital clock on the watch
How do I change the color by tap on digitalwatch? I want to change exactly the color of the numbers.Do i need app id?

Hello, the colour change is not done by app, but using image change.
So if you want your text to change colour of the letters, you do not assign the tap action to the text field it self, but to an image laying underneath of it. The letters for the text field have to be prepared as opaque squares with transparent cut-outs in form of letters, all added in form of bitmap font. These work as a mask over a changing image. Check this tutorial:

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Thanks a lot! Happy new year!

Let’s say the background of the watch face with a picture.
can i do stencil on the background of the picture? I usually saw colored numbers on a solid background. And on a black background everything is clear