Changeable fonts color with no expresion


Is there a way to make the fonts to change color on tap without the use of expressions because when you use the weather complications expressions are disabled by default.

Just create transparent fonts (digits if you want them for the digital clock) along with a black background or any background you want to use in the watch face.
You can do it in Photoshop or Gimp or any other text editor of your choice.
Import it in the watch face by selecting the appropriate function e.g. Digital clock
add the transparent fonts (by selecting bitmap fonts) add a background color and set it to tap to change .
Tap to change fonts have no connection with expressions and should work in a regular watch face and a weather watch face
Hope this helps

Hello, thanks for the advise. I am having a bit of trouble though, for example i create the number 5 and i make it transparent, will i have to make the rest of the background some kind of solid color like black i guess? then make the same for all numbers. After i transfer them to GWS i will have to set a tap to change image behind the fonts but the problem is that the length of the time is not always the same, for example 14:44 is longer than 11:10 so sometimes the background behind them will get visible. Did i get it wrong? Did you mean another way of doing it?

Thanks in advance.

In the digital clock, in the properties section there will be two options at. Fonts or bitmap choose bitmap add the transparent fonts you created (in the 0 to 9 numerals )along with the colon in the symbol selection
You will have to make to clock s one for 12 hr and the other 24hr and repeat the same procedure for both
Then in the timeline look ot for 12/24 hr time right click activate and select the appropriate Digital clock and hide the other one
That’s bit

Hello, it could help to make the black (or other background color) squares images with numbers of same width and so make the bitmap font somewhat monospaced.