Double tap button to change background

Hey sorry for all my noob questions but I cant find a answer or tutorial for this.

I tried making a small transparent button (png with double tap action to change image) that changed the background of my watch.

However as you probably know, it background image shows up in the tiny transparent box…

How do I make a small button that can change the entire background image outside of the button box?

do not worry asking, that is what the forum is about. And actually it is refreshing to see a question about face design after all the same questions about bugs, connection and publishing problems.

In GWD/GWS you can not make a button layer that would change other layer.
Simply make the background image a button. If you want it to react to touch only in some small area, you can cover the rest of the screen with transparent buttons, that do nothing and only the not covered area will act as a button for background change.

Ah ha! That’s how you do it! Thank you so much I really appreciate it.
I’ve learned so much in the past 2 days I can’t wait to publish my first few designs.

I notice you mention publishing your face. As an FYI, unless you are approved you can’t publish to the store, but you can utilize your own designs.

Yeah I was reading about the process yesterday. I’m sure I’ll have some more questions about that too. But hopefully not and it goes well.

It’s making watch faces a full time job for most devs here or a side job for extra money? I realize with wear OS and crapple the market is fairly large.

hmm… looks like I need to go through the watch face design review but thats not open for a while.
Did not realize they wanted such a formal application, almost seems like a job interview lol.

Yes, they used to open window when you can apply, but they are very picky who will be granted the priviledge to publish.
If you are good at making captivating design, and at marketing (running pages on various social media, winning followers), it could become fultime job. But meanwhile the competition is already strong and well established, so I guess it would be hard to break trough any way.
As for the markets, Samsung sells in its own store watchfaces either for new watches in China, or for their obsolete discontinued tizen watches. For Apple directly they only provided free faces, no paid ones, but that could have changed.
Faces for the new wearOS watches are delivered trough playstore by google, and made using watch face studio program, or converted from GWD using converter proram (which has its limitations).

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so basically your saying selling though galaxy store is pointless? if they discontinued tizen watches and wearos is through play store there isn’t much reason for me to try and publish in galaxy store?

I mean for a hobbyst like me, the effort to get there is too high in compare to chances to get there and make some small profit.

so you dont charge for your faces? you just put them up for free on facer?

I used to be able to publish in galaxy store, but i was not diligent enough. Few faces I had there were for free, some for sell. Managed to earn about 200$ during that period :slight_smile: not bad for a hobbyst.
And facer? You have to pay them if you want to make functional faces. So yes, on my watch I wear, what I made me with GWD and for fun I have some free faces on facer. Nothing ground breaking there.

wow that’s very informative. Thanks for sharing that. I thought I was going to take the world by storm and make a ton of money making watch faces lol… maybe I need to re think my strategy. I definitely wont have the time to crank out a face every 2 or 3 days. So maybe I’ll just do the hobbiest route like yourself for now.

I still create and sell faces on the Samsung store for Tizen 3 and 4 because a lot of people still have the older watches. I even have downloads for the Fit2 still. But it’s not worth investing a lot of effort because the market is drying up, in my opinion. And coupons really killed the viability.

If you are creative and a designer, you would be better off applying for a theme account. You can make good bank doing that.

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yeah good idea. I was into theming back in the Android custom rom substratum days… it’s been a while lol but it was fun while it lasted.

The odds of being accepted as a Themes Partner are not much better than a Watch Face Partner and may be worse.


Fantastic. Back to the underground I go lol.

True, both are picky. But the odds of the android OS continuation and market size are bigger.