App rejected for the default language which is ENGLISH

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office Says:
“…We have to reject your submission due to the app default language set to Spanish and not English. All apps launching in the U.S must have the default language set to English.”

The default and only language of my app is ENGLISH!!!

How can I take this?

You write to these guys, they say they would answer in 2 business days and they do not!

Is there any other way to contact Samsung Apps TV Seller office?

I assume you asked with the 1:1 Q&A Has it been a week? They are very busy right now and it is taking longer to get a response. And of course there has been many holidays in the US over the past month adding to the delays.

If it has over 10 working days, let me know and I’ll contact you by private message to get some details. I can contact them on your behalf. I can’t promise that will help but it might.

Samsung Developer Relations

I did, the day 2023-01-05 I wrote to them, because they rejected the app saying the same thing, the language of the app was Spanish English, they never answered.
Yesterday I submitted again the app after changing the language to English, and they rejected it again.

Before of this they rejected the app for an evident error of the tester, confusing a voice (MAN voice), reading a visible text on the screen with the TTS voice (FEMALE voice). I have the mp4.

They do not admit their error, do not explain, do not answer….