Your sales contract app has been rejected

While I request commercial distribution they told me:

please resubmit with the following documents:

· Two different types of ID which written in English(resident registration card, driver’s license, passport, etc.)
· A ‘selfie’ image of yourself holding an ID card within the frame

· A copy of a bank statement or a utility bill with your name included

Disclaimer: My resident registration card, driver’s license, etc. has generating in French language. Except passport.

So, What can I do to prepare these papers?

Hope you explain me more about that.


What is your native country and where are you residing now?

I believe most the people with this issue are students and should have a Student ID as well as a Passport. Also I believe an International Drivers Permit has English pages as well as French.

Samsung Developer Relations

  • My Native Country is: Morocco
  • My Official Resident is: Morocco
  • Notes: All papers that I got from our government are created by French language. Except passport that was created and included by mixed languages like (Arabic/English/French).
    Disclaimer: Other papers cannot be generating in English like ( resident registration card, driver’s license, etc.)

I don’t know what can I do.

Looks like the entrance narrowed again since I applied last time.

We hope from Samsung Seller Portal take action to fixe this issue soon.

Q: What About Students…etc?

Is your Bank in Morocco?

I will look into this with the Store Ops Team and get back to you.

Samsung Developer Relations

yes my bank is located in Morocco

Hi Krisodis.

Sorry but the seller portal is firm,
All submitted information and documents should be in English. However, sellers with South Korean citizenship can submit them in Korean

You can use a Passport and an International Driving Permit for English ID I believe all of them have that.

Have someone take a photo of you holding the Passport showing your picture and information

I believe that you Bank can provide a statement in English I was told that most do that.

If you can’t do that then your only option is Play Store for Android Apps. If you were selected as a Theme designer then only free Themes.

Samsung Developer Relations

Can you contact the support team and tell them that such things will not work?
Please tell them if things will change soon or not, as documents are in English very difficult to handle.
I think the request with documents supporting the French language will be sufficient.

Hope you understand my idea.

Hi Krisodis,

They will not change it must be in English or Korean. I don’t know what Play Store’s policy is but that is what you should try.

Sorry, I was told no exceptions.

Samsung Developer Relations


  1. Take a Selfie Picture of you, while holdin your Passport (you wrote these are in english?) and the Driver License
  2. Contact you Bank and ask them friendly, to give a you Bank Statement written in english, that you have there a Bank Account (each Bank should normally do this)

ok. I’ll try contact them again.