App review got reject with Samsung API issue

Dear Admin Team,

I just got reject with some application with same issue related to open Seller app page on Galaxy Store.

  • Content ID: 000002383091
  • The review report:
  • Reason reject : No app in Seller page.

As you know action to open seller page is guide from Samsung Developer and We do not know what the cause of this problem to fix it. On my testing device it still working normally.

public static void actionMoreApp(Activity activity) {
        Intent intent = new Intent();

I guess that maybe the reason is the tester has tested in a country where my app does not support so it does not show anything.
I also leave comment to Review team before testing but they still reject my other app.

But in the end, I think why they reject with such issue.
Because this API allows to open Seller Store and if they don’t have more apps to display, why reject. In the future they can develop more apps and it updates in real time.

Please help me review this issue and let Review team to understand that. Review process takes a lot time for us.

Thank you so much ~

Did you receive a video showing the issue. I’m not sure I am reading the error message correctly but it appears you are trying to download an app that is not available.

Have you submitted your DUNS number and all that to allow your app to be published?

Samsung Developer Relations

No Ron,
I’m updating my app on Seller site and got rejection from Review team.
You can check my app info and reject status for more detail.
Thanks !


It seems that you are trying to open a deeplink to your brand page and your brand page is empty What is your brand page link I can check to see if that is working.

Your product is available in the country it was tested in. The link just didn’t work. There was a video attached in the report the seller ops team checked and it shows the result you have of a blank page too. The link would be in the right hand column.

let me know if that helps you.

Samsung Developer Relations

Can you make private message to me ?
I will share my page id.
Thanks !