"Apps that won't be put to sleep" list don't include all apps

We’re seeing reports from our apps’ users that some apps don’t appear in the “Apps that won’t be put to sleep” list, thus the user cannot prevent them from being suspended by Samsung battery saving features.

We’ve been told by Samsung Customer Support that “the developer of the app should implement Samsung’s device care (battery management) features in order to appear among the applications which the user can put on the “Apps that won’t put to sleep” list.”.

I’m not aware of anything like that and also the Support wasn’t able to clarify this. Could someone please point us to a documentation of the features that we should implement in order for our app to appear in the list?

Check out this Site You have to read down a bit to get to the Samsung Specifics.

Samsung Developer Program

, it appears that there is a different way to set this on Samsung phones.