"optimize battery usage" vs "never sleeping apps"

What is the difference between “optimize battery usage” vs “never sleeping apps”?
This craziness about battery optimization is making every small developer app to not work properly in the background.
I try to use the standar Android intents to stop my app from being optimized using the “android.settings.REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS” intent.
But if I do this then the app disappears from the “never sleeping apps” list. Of course, if the app is not in that list then the app is killed in the background.
Could any one show some light here? What is Samsung expecting for us (smaller developers) to do if we need our app to not be killed by the system?
Is there any intent to directly show users the “never sleeping” screen?


This is probably more an Android Developer questions You should ask it in that community but I’ll let it stay here as questions on optimizations and never sleeping seems to pop up occasionally.

Samsung Developer Relations

Sorry, but I don’t think it is an Android issue. The code works for stantard Android. It does not for Samsung. Samsung doesn’t follow the standards. That is whynI am asking it here.

I understand, I should be clearer. This forum is for 3rd party developers and tools discussion. So in some ways it could fit here. But it is not a 3rd party developer issue it is in the Samsung Variant of Android OS and those developers are on Android discussions

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks and sorry. Could you please point me where I should add this question? I am a bit lost.
Is there a specific Samsung forum for the “Samsung Variant of Android OS”? Did you say “Android discussions”? Where can I find that?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Antonio,

There is no good place for Samsung only issues with Android OS. This comes up all the time as I said it does overlap enough we can discuss it here.

Would you like me to just remove all this not relevant chat? I can hide it so it is a clean slate.


I prefer to not be deleted, please.
Developers are getting crazy with custom Android releases that do not follow the standards and are not documented.