Unable to add app to "Never sleeping apps" list


I am employed at a company working on an app which in some circumstances need to perform continuous iBeacon monitoring in the background (in context of a foreground service).

In order for the iBeacon monitoring to not get killed, we instruct our users to add our app to the “Never sleeping apps” list. However, we are hearing from many customers that when they go to “Never sleeping apps” in Setting and click the plus button, our app doesn’t appear in the list and thus it is not possible to add it to “Never sleeping apps”.

In our own testing, we have reproduced this problem on multiple Samsung devices including the S20. We usually have to to uninstall → install the app a couple times before it appears in the list of apps which can be added to “Never sleeping apps”.

Is this a known bug (and is a fix on the way)? Or is there some workaround? It’s terrible to tell our customers to uninstall → reinstall the app until it appears in that list.

I did not hear about this problem before.
Did you face the issue only for this specific application? Did you check with other applications?

Thanks for replying. I have only been paying attention to this for the app I’m working on as it’s the only app I need to add to the “Never sleeping apps” list.

I have seen several reports about this issue for different apps, for example:

Besides having experienced it myself, I have hear about it often from our users.

Do you have any ideas what I could try to work around this problem?

@r.liechty_SDP I see you have commented on a related post on this forum (the second one I link to above), maybe you can help me out in this question?

I assume the app is running when you attempt to add it to the never sleep apps.
After your install are you doing a restart? I think that was the issue with the last person.

But yes I have seen this mentioned before.

Samsung Developer Team

@martin I think. we allow some apps to run in the background, just like Whatsapp, messenger. They reduce our battery quickly.

@r.liechty_SDP I believe I installed and launched it and then went to settings to add it to “Never sleeping apps” while it was running in the background.

Is it required that an app currently runs in the background to show up in the list of apps to add to “Never sleeping apps”? - and is a phone reboot required (or a workaround for this problem)?

I always restart my devices after adding software no matter what the device. Since this seems to work sometimes and not other times it is a logical reason.

If that does not resolve it please respond again. I’ve seen this reported before but no one has followed up saying it the issue was resolved. I just have to assume it was.

Samsung Developer Team