Asset Resolution and Aspect Ratio

I’m probably going to be engaging another person that already has access to Theme Studio. In the meantime, some of my creative people were asking me for some questions. They wanted to know what the resolutions are that they should target for icons and wallpaper.

I understand that since different phones may have different aspect ratios, that some areas will be out of view on some phones (or the same phone in a different orientation). When that occurs, does the viewable area stay focused on the center of the wallpaper image, on the top, or someting else?

Flip is the narrowest at 22:9 while Fold is the wider at 21:18. The image is cropped in to fill all the screen (I don’t see how else it could be done). The image is square and cropped as needed for each phone model. The same image is used for all aspect ratios. You can make separate themes if the background is so specific to a form factor, but that’s quite complex and I don’t think that anybody does this apart from a very particular exception.

The icons are… square, 144 px. The one who’ll make the theme will give you more details, but that’s enoguh to make most of it.

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Icons can be designed in any size as far as i know… I use 600px x 600px but they are scaled to fit on the 144x icon background.

Wallpapers need to be designed as min 1920x1920 and will be cropped on either side depending on phone model. You can test your Wallpapers on any phone. The only issue is that both Home and Lock wallpapers can have different visibility issues with text overlay on actual phones.

I’d have your team start looking at 9-patch PNG images, too me they are extremely simple but a lot of designers seem to have issues with them.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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Since you mentioned, we need to up the resolution on icon trays too. 4k on a smartphone… people notice when there’s low quality on something. Not to mention all resolutions…