Video Wallpaper Ratio Requirement

Lately, I’ve been getting rejections on video wallpaper because of Fold series. This is Seller’s office response

IMO, this requirement is not good for developers nor end users. Fold series doesn’t have enough market share for us to create contents specifically for Fold. The best thing we can do is create contents that fits all screen ratio, which is what I’ve been doing with video wallpaper and themes with video wallpaper.

By enforcing this requirement, we the developers have to exclude Fold users. Therefore leaving Fold users with less contents, bad idea for both sides. It’s not just video wallpaper, any themes with video wallpaper would have to exclude Fold series too.

I hope Samsung would reconsider it. For now I will exclude Fold from all future contents.


Or have the ability to upload a 1:1 aspect ratio video wallpaper


I gave up including the Fold for my themes. Samsung no longer provides support for tickets and doesn’t fix bugs.

I think they are 100% focused on the next UI and will keep rejecting themes due to their bugs l. It’s beyond frustrating