Low resolution icon & letters!

I want to ask about designing icons and letters. Do you design them on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, because Photoshop is of very low quality?
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I’m not sure I understood your question, but in case you are trying to design them by drawing on the 144x144 px canvas in Photoshop, it’s a really bad idea. You have to use much larger canvas size (I would take at least 1200x1200 px) or ideally draw them in the vector format in Illustrator or similar software, open it in PSD in high resolution mode and then downscale to 144x144 and save as PNG files.


Draw them in Photoshop like 512×512 and save it as 144×144

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@ol1 thank you… i was save wrong :blush: :pray:

@Alexander thank you i will try it :heart::relaxed:

I use Figma. I created a template and I am just changing colors, icons, etc.

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Upscaling/downscaling pixel is best done with the following equation
base resolution x factor (antialiasing)

144 x 4 = 576, which is x4 antialiasing
144 x 8 = 1152, x8 antialiasing
so on and so on

App icons appear to be low resolution on high end phone is to due to the 144 px source image resolution set by Android OS.


@X9_Studio thank you very much :blush: :pray: