Author certificate causes app crash, help?

I installed GWS on Win10, along with the latest Java JDK. I started GWS, clicked project>author Certificate, and followed instructions to create a certificate. The process froze on the generating certificate page. Eventually I closed that window and restarted GWS. I chose I already have a Tizen author certificate and browse then I see an author.p12 file in the keystore folder. If I select and open that file, enter my password and click Next, GWS immediately crashes. What next to fix?

This was reported earlier, apparently the latest version of Java does not work with creating certificates. You will need to back off to an older version of Java.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi @timothybuchanan,

Which java version are you using? GWS doesn’t support the latest Java. Java 8/14 works fine.


Version 8, build 301. Thanks for help.