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Hello everybody

I would like to update several watch faces, before I used “Gear Watch Designer”
It’s been a long time since I used it, the application had been deleted when I reset my PC.
I installed “Galaxy Watch Studio” and usethe watch face I want to update.
So far so good.
I already have a Tizen author’s certificate, but I don’t know how to acces it to build.
You can help me please.
thanks you.

Author certificate information is supposed to be saved on your PC
someone might have a better solution

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The author.p12 and distributor.p12 (you’ll have to create a new distributor certificate should be in the C:\user\USERNAME\galaxywatchdesigner\keystore

If this is just for personal use you can create a new author and distributor certificate.

You can’t modify any content in the store that was built with a different authors certificate. It is a way to keep people from hacking someone’s account and planting viruses. So if you can’t find the author.p12 or can’t remember the old one you can’t modify any content on the store.

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Thank you for the answer.

This means that I will never be able to update all the watch faces I already have on the Galaxy Store?
It is not possible to recover? Like a forgotten password.

If I a create a new certificate, could I still add to the same seller portal? The seller portal I’m currently using with the other author certificate

It is not possible to recover the author certificate, that is the reason we urge many times to store a copy on an external drive. Perhaps you did that and forgot.

If you still have a seller account (inactive accounts were closed recently) you can upload new content to that account with a different author certificate.

You can create new content based on your old designs and upload it then suspend the old content.

Suspended content is available to previous owners but no longer available in the store.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.

Take care of yourself.