Help, certificat author.p12

Sorry for my English it’s the translator. I’ve been searching for 2 weeks and nothing works. I am no longer able to get my certificate for galaxy watch studio. I tried with tizen studio but still nothing works, see the images. Unable to get the certificate. I’m at my wit’s end, please help me, I want to reinstall all the dials I made with galaxy watch studio. but impossible by any means to have my certificate to be able to reinstall them on my watches. I had to format my computer so lost author.p12. Please help me

In the package manger
click on the settings (gear) icon
Click on Extension SDK
be sure Samsung Certificate Extension and Wearable Extension are enabled

Then connect with your watch either by using the device manager in Tizen Studio or Galaxy Watch Studio

Then open the certificate manager in Tizen Studio and you can get your Author and Distributor certificate. (Be sure they are Samsung not Tizen Certificates)

The Author Certificate is only used when you upload to the seller portal so don’t worry about losing it.

You need to use the Fit2Installer to install using with the Tizen Studio generated

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations