Automation of Tizen OS Smart TV Help required

HI all … ,
Can some one put some light on how we can Test and Automate the APPS on Tizen OS based Samsung Smart TV also is Python is supported for this kind of Automation , if you can provide any documentation in this regards that will be great


Hopefully someone can help here but You may be better off asking this question on the Tizen Developer community.

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Dont bother with Tizen Developer Forum. Its dead. Only advertising bots post on there for comepletely unrelated topics… “Docx to Pdf converter for 100% free”

Regarding your question.
If you have a webapp, you can use regular testing as if you were testing for the web for instance Jest. But you would both need to test actions with mouse input and key input for emulating the remote.

If you have a C# app. I would guess you would have to test it as a regular .net application.

There are most likely some kind of web testing framework for python.
But i remember seeing a guy using python and machine learning to drive a car in GTA V.
While for automated tests, take a screenshot of the emulator, look for a specific button, navigate to the button with emulating key input, take a screenshot, recognize if the button changed color.
I dont think it would be too difficult. But would still require a lot more time compared to something like Jest.

Edit: I just found this - Creating UI automation test for Tizen .NET Application

Thanks @Bazze for your inputs , we are working on the Webapp like other Testing , our requirement was to test on smart TV which Tizen OS based hence this was the Question posted .