Available Physical Buttons GW4

I’m currenty developing a medical application for the Galaxy Watch 4. In android documentation says that Wear OS 3.0 reserves 2 physical buttons, so in theory there are no available buttons on the Galaxy Watch 4 for me to program.
Just to give a context, I’m trying to implement a panic button. When the user press one of the two available buttons, my app is automatically triggerd.

Is there any way I can use one of the 2 buttons ?

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André Vaz

As Far as I know there is no way to access the buttons they are reserved for the manufacturer and would be different on different brands.

You probably should ask this on the Wear OS/ Android Studio developer community and I really don’t know where that is. We only support the Watch Face Studio for Wear OS issues here.

Sorry I wish I could at least direct you to something useful.

I’m going to move this to the Watch Face Studio topic at least there is a chance an Wear OS engineer could see it there.

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Thank you very much! So you are saying that this is a wear os “problem”. I will deep diver on this.

Thank you once more.

to expand on this. For example on a Galaxy Watch long press one button launches Bixby long press on the other button and it opens Samsung Pay. Long press both buttons and it shuts down. Light press on both buttons when you measure BMI and and I think light press on one when measure your 02 level

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