Difficulties regarding the Galaxy Watch Studio, Galaxy Wearable and Wear OS

Hey everyone,
So last week I bought a new Galaxy Watch 4 and using it with an S21.
2 days ago I found out that you can make custom watch face’s yourself by using the Galaxy Watch Studio, of course I wanted to try this so I downloaded the Studio. After an hour of tinkering I tried to run it on the watch. I enabled all the developer thingy’s and tried, it didn’t work. I tried everything regarding bluetooth and wifi debugging. But it didn’t help. So eventually I downloaded the Wear Os app from Google and set my watch form there. I enabled “Debugging over bluetooth” in the Wear Os app and it worked!
I had set up my new selfmade watch face and was very happy about it. Then I tried switching to the Galaxy Wear app because I had all my health information there and I preferred that more. The watch was connected to bluetooth but not the Galaxy Wear app. Because of that I had to reset my watch and now I don’t have my beautiful watch face anymore.
Now my question, is there an easier way which doesn’t involve all this trouble. And will there be an update to the Galaxy Watch Studio and Galaxy Wear app making this easier?
Thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to help!

Hello, I am probably not be able to help you, but out of curiosity and for clearing things before somebody tries to realy advice, can you please clarify what watch with what studio are you trying to connect?
Because from what you wrote so far, it should not be possible. Galaxy Watch Studio (for watches with Tizen OS) will not connect to Galaxy Watch 4 (running WearOS) to upload watchfaces.
Program called watch face studio should be used for Galaxy Watch 4.

Hello Peter,
Turns out I had to restart my watch in order for Watch Face Studio to detect it on wifi.
But yes indeed the Watch Face Studio is the one for WearOs watches.
But thanks anyway Peter!

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