Background color change

Can anyone help me
I want to make a face for my own use, when I tap somewhere on the screen I want the background color to change
now I have managed to do it, but I would like it to happen on a certain part of the face, now it doesn’t matter where I click the color changed then
so i want to make a button that changes the background color
Help, i can’t figure it out

WFS uses layers and to have access to the tap to change background you need to limit that to a small hole that is visible.
So create a mask layer with a hole in it and have that mask do something like change to a copy of its self
Then only the bottom layer can be tapped to change images.

I hope that helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

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honestly I can’t figure it out, should I make that mask layer in WFS or in e.g. photoshop, and how should I apply it in WFS

I’m not a designer and I’m having a bit of a problem doing this myself. I’ll work on this myself but if you can do a design with photoshop that is how I’d go.

Let me know how you do and I’ll play with it myself over the weekend. I hate puzzles.

Samsung Developer Relations